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Is Voicemail Costing You Business?

Person is holding telephone.

In today’s world of technology, phone interactions continue to be the preferred means of doing business. That’s because it is easier to make a phone call and get an instant answer from a Live Receptionist. But, if your business does not have an answering service in place you may be missing out on new clients and you may be seeing a decline in overall customer service satisfaction. And, it doesn’t matter if your office is closed, as today’s clients may be trying to reach you after hours, on weekends, and holidays. That means that you are losing business since callers refuse to leave a voicemail message.

A survey found that a third of businesses (33%) failed to answer their incoming calls. The survey also revealed that 69% of the callers who were answered by voicemail declined to leave a message and hung up. The trend suggests that businesses would benefit from implementing an answering service to their existing business model to increase business and improve customer service.

The process of getting a Receptionist Service is simple but the key to success lies in the details. A business can sign up online for a two-week trial. The trial allows both your business and your Receptionists to learn about your business and your clients as well as the call volumes one might expect to receive each month. The process entails filling out detailed information about your business and how to handle each interaction to allow your Receptionists to act as an extension of your business. A phone number is set up with your company greeting and you can call forward your business main number manually or set it up to transfer to your Receptionist after a few rings if no one in your office answers—the latter, a call overflow feature, is helpful when your secretary is busy and cannot answer a large volume of incoming calls. When your customers call, your Receptionist is familiar with your business and assists them by answering questions, taking messages, dispatching emergency calls, patching phone calls, making calls on your behalf, and providing customer service. The information is then relayed via email or text to the appropriate member or groups in your team. If the call requires immediate attention, the Receptionist may immediately escalate the call. In addition, your Receptionist calls can be enhanced by making use of IVR technology, interactive voice response, which sets the tone of your call by communicating your business brand and providing useful information to your clients—most importantly, it gives them the ability to speak to your Receptionist live, 24/7. All these features can be a valuable asset to any organization including any entrepreneur starting up a business, or a busy manager or business owner looking for new ways to stay in touch with clients and increase revenues.

Communication is the key to a successful deployment of your Receptionist Service and the business relationship with your Receptionist Service is ongoing after the two-week trial. By ditching the antiquated voicemail, you send a clear message of professionalism and care that translates into better business relationships.