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Tools for Real Estate Agents

Belles Receptionists AgentWhile searching for properties in the Fort Lauderdale area using Trulia–a website for buying, selling, and renting real estate–the names of three brokers were listed. It was early morning, so I proceeded to call the first broker on the list. He looked professional and had the most recent sales–a big plus, I thought. Unfortunately, my call went unanswered into a voicemail.

Instead of waiting and losing an opportunity to secure a deal, I called the second broker. After the second ring, a pleasant lady picked up the phone and answered my questions. We then exchanged information and she emailed me an offer.

An hour later, the first broker called me. He most likely noted my number on his caller id, it being that I didn’t leave a message, and called me back. I explained that I had had the pleasure of speaking to one of his colleagues and that I was now working with her. He then asked me if there was anything he could do for me, so I reiterated that I was working with the other broker (apparently, they don’t really work together).

In short, the first broker lost a deal. This could have been avoided had he subscribed to our Live Belles Receptionists who would have answered my call within three rings, assuring me that he would get back to me as soon as possible. Our Belles Receptionist would have immediately tried to reach the first broker via an emergency phone line; or, send a text or email with my information for a return call. But, the first broker didn’t and, as a result, he might have lost a new client and the possibility of a long-lasting business relationship.

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How Important Is Your Call?

Switchboard Belles ReceptionistsHave you ever called customer service to be greeted by the prompt: “Thank you for calling. Your call is very important to us. Please continue to hold for the next available agent? (annoying music on hold starts to play).It is a very frustrating situation that happens more often than you think. In a bit of sarcasm, Kevin Horrigan outlines, comically, the various impersonal IVR’s and prompts in his article, “Horrigan: ‘Your call is very important to us’ and other call-center lies.’ One can’t help to wonder how or why companies continue to reward their loyal customers with horrendous customer service.

After transitioning from bulky switchboards and indexed card instructions into a new era of VOIP technology and CRM’s, Belles Receptionists & Answering Service retained one of the most important assets of its Legacy Service–Live, Personalized Service. Interestingly, there are times when customers call into one of our Belles Receptionist’sline and think that they are talking to a “machine;” or, hesitate when they hear a live voice answer their calls as if they were suddenly having a surreal experience. That’s because customers have been conditioned, so that there is a sense of resignation and acceptance that a machine, rather than the pleasant voice of aLive Receptionist, is to be expected to answer at all times.

There is much to be said about today’s technology and its impact on the contact center–it has led to unified communication channels with the ability to communicate via phone, text, chat, social media, video, email, or efax from a single source, anywhere in the world. And, yes–there are advanced features that can help any agent resolve a customer’s inquiry seamlessly–if used properly. Ironically, as the technology improves there seems to be a decline in the care businesses ought to provide their customers by simply having a Live Receptionist answer their calls.

The least one can do for his customers is to show appreciation by simply being there when they try to communicate with your business. The technology is just there to assist the Live Receptionist and to help delight your customers in new ways without losing the personal touch…very much needed in today’s world.

Five Reasons Why Businesses Should Have a Belles Receptionist Service

Belles Receptionists 24/7Belles Receptionists & Answering Service makes it easy for your customers to contact your business. This can mean the difference between capturing new clients or losing them to your competitors. These are five reasons to have our Belles Receptionists Team on your side.

  1. Never Miss a Sales Call Again.
  2. Save Money On Hiring a Full (overtime) Receptionist.
  3. Call Answering, Message Taking and Order Placement, When Business is Closed.
  4. Free Up Time For Your Team to Generate Revenue and Grow Your Business.
  5. Messages Can Be Sent To Your Business By Text, Email, or Groups.

In addition, your customers will be happy to hear a person’s voice at the other end when they call. And, if you’re a small business, freelance, or bootstrapping, Belles can be a great addition to your business strategy. Learn about our services, here